Sunday, 29 March 2009

Highbury Dub in the Mix

I woke up one morning last week to find this in one of my google alerts. Its an excellent mix by a guy called Hard Reset.

Download the Mix here

Track List

VVV - Émeute :: FBOM - Under the Influence :: Martyn - Everything About You :: Lethem - Highbury Dub :: Synkro - Everybody Knows :: Hard Reset - Overstanding :: Cyrus - Bounty :: 2562 - Kameleon :: Breakage - Callahan :: Mundo - Still Stand Rasta :: Ramadanman - The Woon :: DJ Distance - Delight :: Zen Militia - Pull of Guilt :: Ital Tek - Deep Pools

New Demo

Here is a demo of LNB, this is going to be on my forthcoming EP "Interloper".

This track is a tribute to the roots reggae song Late Night Blues by Don Carlos.

Get The Highbury Dub EP at iTunes

The Highbury Dub EP is now available to buy at iTunes

Highbury Dub EP

Release Date: 08 Mar 2009
Genre: Electronic
℗ 2009 Lethem